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Welcome to our world of safety transformation! At our core, we’re dedicated to ‘Constructing Safety’, offering accelerated growth opportunities for professionals across diverse industries. Through dynamic health and safety training programs, we empower individuals to become safe workers and safety leaders. Join us on a journey of empowerment, where safety isn’t just a priority — it’s a culture we build together.

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what makes us different

The values we live by


Knowledge is power, and vital to our success. We will encourage you to learn something new, often, and provide you with educational pathways to be the best you can be. Through personal development, you will be able to entwine your passion, expertise and integrity through everything you do. 


Diverse in our make-up, united in our goals. We are a company built on family values: integrity, tolerance, diversity, and stability. Quite simply, we care for and believe in each other. 


Open, honest and available. We are listening; your voice will be heard so that we know what to do better. Communication goes both ways, so we will keep you informed about what matters to you, and to us. 


Encouraging ambition, for all. We realise the potential and value in everyone. We will provide routes to training, development and progression with unbiased career advice. 


Supporting our family and beyond. We believe in thinking beyond the company, giving back to the communities we serve and support, and embracing opportunities to help.


Acknowledging efforts and rewarding achievements. We understand everyone should feel like their hard work is important and worthwhile.


Achieving the highest standards, together. We will help you to understand the core principles of quality, so that we can achieve excellence in everything we do.

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