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Carve Your Path with Carpentry NVQs!

Ready to shape your future in woodworking excellence? Look no further than Carpentry NVQs – the ultimate route to becoming a true carpentry virtuoso! Start your journey to success today with Acadame!


Acadame offers a wide range of NVQs in Stoke-on-Trent and Derby for those working within carpentry. Candidates for our NVQ qualifications within this industry are assessed in the context of working within their specific job role, to prove their competency. Taking an NVQ diploma or certificate is an ideal way to demonstrate your knowledge & skills, and progress your career in your chosen sector.

Photograph of a male worker using tools on a piece of wood in a workshop

NVQs in Carpentry:

Are you ready to shape a rewarding career in woodworking wonderland? Look no further than Carpentry NVQs – the ultimate hands-on journey to becoming a carpentry superstar! 💪

So, carpentry enthusiasts, let’s craft your future masterpiece with Acadame’s Carpentry NVQs! Every nail you drive and every piece you shape is a stroke of brilliance that brings you closer to becoming a carpentry legend. Embrace the journey, and let’s build a future that’s crafted with passion and excellence! 🔨🌟🏆

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Grants for Carpentry NVQs

As the construction industry transitions from Industry Accreditation (IA) cards to recognised qualifications like NVQs, CITB supports this evolution through Short Qualification Grants. These grants offer financial aid for NVQs, facilitating the advancement of construction workers in their careers. With grants ranging from £600 to £1,500, CITB encourages individuals to pursue qualifications in construction areas. 

Reasons to study an NVQ with Acadame

Photo of a construction worker wearing a hard hat and high vis

Unrivalled Expertise

All of our NVQ assessors are fully qualified and extensively experienced; each having worked within the carpentry industry for years, whilst acquiring extensive knowledge.

Photo of a construction worker wearing a high vis and hard hat

Flexibility to suit you

Our Carpentry NVQs are designed to work around you, using a range of assessment methods coupled with our online ePortfolio – providing you with the flexibility to complete your chosen NVQ at a pace that suits you and your working life.

Photo of a construction worker wearing a high vis and hard hat


24/7 access to your NVQ ePortfolio means that you can upload your evidence at a time to suit you – not within the restrictions of a set timeframe. Plus, with ePortfolio access via mobile phone, you can also capture evidence on the go, quickly and efficiently.

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