Benefits of CITB Leadership & Management Training

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Within the construction industry, there has been a growing demand for leadership and management training. As essential skills for all frontline construction sites, these skills are highly sought after by employers, with many wishing to improve leadership and management across their organisation. In response to this, training board CITB has developed a range of short courses which aim to give construction supervisors & managers the proficiency and confidence needed to carry out their roles effectively. At Acadame, we’re working alongside CITB to provide construction leadership & management training that can support all employers.

Accessible for Any Construction Professional

Whether site based or office based, any construction professional looking to improve leadership skills can access these accredited training courses. The courses we offer can be used as personal development for anybody who is eventually aiming for a move into management as part of long term career goals.

Improved Productivity & Retention for Employers

Those who have implemented leadership and management training for their organisation’s staff have seen a reduction in the number of man hours on site, productivity increases, and improved employee retention due to the offering of career development.

Flexibility of Delivery

Leadership & management training with Acadame can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the learner or business, with the choice of taking one short course, or several of the framework courses. Delivery of these courses is completely flexible – either by attending one of our training centres, our team delivering training at your workplace, or completing your course via an online virtual live class.

Wide Range of Courses

From Handling Difficult Situations, and Developing Yourself as a Team Leader, to the Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics, these construction leadership and management courses cover an extensive range of different skills that supervisors are required to have.

CITB Grant Support

Additionally, short duration grant support is available for employers, for the achievement of these approved short courses, via CITB grant payments.

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Discover Our Range of CITB Courses

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Acadame are proud to deliver a range of CITB courses designed to enhance your learning and help drive your career. With our HQ in Stoke-on-Trent, we conduct regular training sessions in the area, and provide these services from our 12 nationwide venues. With everything from the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) to our Health and Safety Awareness (HSA)  training in Stoke and beyond, our services are taught by leading industry experts that hold your progress and development as a top priority.

Our Courses

Our full range of courses encompass a variety of qualifications integral to a successful career in the construction industry.  Our full list of courses can be found below:

What is CITB?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is the industry training board for the UK construction industry. Their job is to ensure the construction industry is able to support skills development and attract talent. These courses are part of that mission and is why we are proud to deliver them at our venues. You can view our upcoming courses online today, such as Health and Safety Awareness training in Stoke and more.

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