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ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely Stoke, Staffordshire

The CCNSG Leading a Team Safely course is designed to build on the health, safety, welfare and environmental awareness already gained from the Operatives/Renewal courses and increase the candidates knowledge in order to effectively carry out a Supervisory/Team Leader role efficiently, effectively and safely.

Based in Staffordshire, our (LATS) Leading a Team Safely course helps supervisory staff and lone workers who have responsibility for teams, but who may have had little or no training in their H&S responsibilities, or indeed, little training in the essentials of leadership. 


Candidates who wish to attend this course MUST hold a valid in-date CCNSG National Safety Passport.

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ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LATS) training course dates in Stoke-on-Trent

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Who should do this course

The CCNSG LATS course focuses on the essentials of being a leader and covers essential aspects such as planning, implementing and reviewing; naturally with a health and safety emphasis.

Candidates who wish to attend this course MUST hold a valid in-date CCNSG National Safety Passport.


How someone is measured

Candidates are required to pass a multiple choice exam paper in order to pass the CCNSG Leading a Team Safely Course


How long the course takes

This classroom delivered course is held over 1 day.

What’s covered in ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LATS)


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The Team

  • What makes a successful team
  • Leadership qualities
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership behaviour

The Plan

  • Plan elements
  • The communication highway
  • Message and meaning
  • Brain function basics
  • The plan – essential elements
  • Selecting the right people with the right skills
  • Selecting the right job with the right tools
  • Being at the right place at the right time
  • Work instructions, risk assessment and method statement
  • The work plan
  • Pre-start briefing

The Job

  • The Mill Incident (Case study)
  • Objectivity v subjectivity Control systems
  • Expert advice
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • Communication
  • Communication barriers
  • Interruptions on the job

Good Job

  • What makes a good job
  • Scenario Ways of listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Do you have what it takes?

Who is ECITB?

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the employer-led skills, standards and qualifications body for the development of the engineering construction workforce of Great Britain. An arms-length body of the UK Government, the ECITB reports to the Department for Education.


What is CCNSG?

We recognise that everyone is different, which is why we offer a choice of study routes. We can deliver the course in your workplace, you can visit one of our training centres, you can complete the course via an online virtual live class or you can do it online via eLearning.

How long does the ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LATS) course take to complete?

The course is held over 1 day.

Will I be issued with a certificate upon successful ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LATS) completion?

No. However, after successfully completing the course or test, a card will be issued by ECITB for a further three years

Frequently asked questions

What we regularly get asked about the ECITB CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LATS) in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire course

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