Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester in Stoke and beyond

What can the Acadame expert-delivered Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester Workshop in Stoke do for me? Are you 100% certain that the respiratory masks you provide your employees with, fits them properly? If they don’t, your workforce may be at serious risk: an employee must have his/her RPE tested by a competent person to ensure your staff will not be harmed by hazardous substances. 

This Face Fit Train the Tester course will provide those who require it, the knowledge of how to conduct face fit testing using the Qualitative method.

Please note: even though these training courses can be referred to as “train the trainer” they are only to provide training to allow the learners to conduct Qualitative face fit testing, not to enable them to teach the subject themselves.  

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This course is suitable for anyone who needs to be able to deliver face fit testing to employees or co-workers on-site.


The learners must show competence and understanding as they will need to be able to correctly conduct face fit tests themselves.

The learners will need to successfully demonstrate a Face Fit Test, and complete a written assessment. Once they have completed the above, the tutor will deem the learners prepared to conduct Face Fit Tests.

Business benefits.

Learning outcomes.


What is covered in this Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester course


This course is for learners who want to undertake their own face fit testing programme.

The training includes:

  • Background to Face Fit Testing
  • Legislation and Guidance, INDG 479
  • Set-up of Equipment
  • The Sensitivity Test
  • Fit Test Protocols
  • Pass Levels
  • Practical face fit testing
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests
  • Planning & Managing a Fit Testing Program


Most frequent questions and answers from the Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester course

How long does the Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester course take to complete?

The classroom course is held over half a day.

Will I be issued with a certificate upon successful Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester completion?

Yes. On successful completion the learner will receive an accredited digital Acadame certificate. The certificate will be forwarded at a later date. A proof of pass can be immediately provided if required though.

How long is the Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester certificate valid for?

Certification for this course is valid for 3 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to take a refresher course before the expiry date.

Are there any entry requirements for Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester?

Persons attending MUST be clean shaven. The fit test section of the course cannot be carried out if there is any hair growth between the skin and the face piece sealing surface e.g. stubble beard growth, beard, moustache etc. 

The wearer should not eat, drink (except plain water), smoke or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before the test.

The trainer will have a selection of masks (P1, P2, P3) with him on the day; however, if there is a specific type of mask you use then please let us know in advance and bring this with you on the day.

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