Is Health and Safety Really Important?

We have all met somebody who thinks ‘health and safety regulations’ have gone too far. The landscape of health and safety has evolved massively over the second half of the twentieth century and many people felt resistance. A lot of this centres around the perception that applying health and safety measures is inconvenient or takes up time, but with the proper procedures in place it saves time, money and your reputation; our health and safety courses in Staffordshire and surrounding areas are designed with these factors in mind.

Management roles carry a lot of responsibilities, red tape and daily duties. In every industry, health and safety is included in this, but particular attention should be paid to your sector and the level of risk. Our health and safety courses in Staffordshire will help you to examine how high-risk your sector is to why kinds of injuries, and more importantly, how to handle them. We have a wide range of courses, from manual handling awareness to first aid at work and more.

Between 2020 and 2021, government statistics show 441,000 working people sustained an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey. Lots of accidents can be avoided if staff have the proper training and management are stringent at enforcing the adherence to health and safety procedures. Staff sickness can often correlate with staff absence as they may contemplate a career change, feel neglected in terms of their wellbeing at work, or in extreme cases, take steps to take their employer to caught.

That’s why the work we do is not only in protection of personal safety, but your reputation and profits as well.


Think about enrolling for one of our health and safety courses in Staffordshire today, and please contact our team today on tel:+44 03301242165/ fill out the online enquiry form if you have any questions.



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