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CITB, the Construction Industry Training Board, is committed to empowering construction employers and businesses through various grants and funding opportunities. These initiatives are designed to facilitate the development of a highly skilled and competent workforce while fostering innovation and growth within the construction industry. By investing in training and up-skilling, CITB alongside training partners like Acadame aims to ensure that the construction sector remains at the forefront of technological advancements and meets the demands of an ever-changing landscape.


Build your future with Acadame and CITB:

With Acadame as your partner, you can unlock the full potential of these CITB grants and funds. As a CITB Site Safety Plus centre, we offer a wide range of construction training, including NVQs and short courses, that align with the requirements for these grants. Our team will not only submit claims on your behalf where we can, but also provide comprehensive guidance on how these grants work and how to optimise your training opportunities. Together, we can build a highly skilled and competent construction workforce that is prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future. Invest in your workforce today and secure a prosperous future for your construction business with Acadame and CITB.

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CITB Skills and Training Fund

The flagship CITB Skills and Training Fund is a testament to CITB’s dedication to advancing the construction workforce. Targeting micro, small, and medium-sized construction companies with up to 250 employees, this fund provides substantial financial support of up to £25,000. The fund is specifically earmarked for training initiatives in leadership and management, and other critical construction areas. By encouraging companies to invest in their employees’ professional development, CITB enables them to enhance efficiencies, diversify revenue streams, and thrive in a competitive industry. The Skills and Training Fund positions construction businesses to embrace future challenges with a highly motivated, skilled, and adaptable workforce.

CITB Short Course Grants

Recognising the importance of short but impactful training programs, CITB offers Short Course Grants to support the achievement of approved short qualifications in core construction skills. These short courses typically take less than a year to complete and cater to essential skills required across the industry. Qualifications covered include CITB Health & Safety Awareness, SSSTS, SMSTS, Temporary Work Co-Ordinator and more. By providing financial assistance for such training, CITB empowers employers to foster a safety-conscious and proficient workforce, ensuring consistent and high-quality project outcomes.

CITB Short Qualifications Grants

As the construction industry transitions from Industry Accreditation (IA) cards to recognised qualifications like NVQs, CITB supports this evolution through Short Qualification Grants. These grants offer financial aid for pretty much all of the NVQs we offer, including supervision and management, facilitating the advancement of construction workers in their careers with grants up to £1,500.


You can also secure grants of £600 towards skilled qualification NVQs at Level 2 and Level 3. It’s also possible to use this grant in conjunction with the Skills & Training Fund to cover any other costs to fully fund your NVQ Qualifications. The Trades we cover in NVQs within this grant are:

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