Why Have Health and Safety Consultants?

Does the very notion of Health and Safety consultancy leave you at a loss? Fortunately, Acadame is here to explain the valuable business benefits behind our specialist safety consultants, revealing how your Stoke-based company can cash in on this partnership.

A Tailored Fit

The sad fact is, something good on paper doesn’t always measure up in reality. Here at Acadame, we believe this disappointment is down to a fundamental lack of flexibility. It only makes sense, then, that we offer adaptable consultancy, walking away from prescriptive Health and Safety blueprints. Upon visiting a client’s site, our expert consultants make a thorough assessment of a business’s specific areas of concern or need. From this appraisal, our team goes on to create a rigorous set of hazard prevention procedures and policies, ready to be set into motion.

Save on Time, Save on Money

Not only does our Health and Safety consultancy save you the effort (and administrative agony) of identifying specific HSE legislations applying to your business, but it also offers you a cost-effective alternative. If you’ve been considering taking on a full-time Health and Safety Officer, we have one word of warning: don’t. Rather than have the expense of yet another employee, we provide unparalleled expertise on a consultancy basis. In other words, the moment you need us, we’re there at a fraction of the normal cost.

Your Stoke business can get Acadame’s hazard prevention knowledge on tap with our Health and Safety Consultancy. Just call our team on +443301242165 for more information.

Appoint Acadame as your 'Competent Person'

£ 1,440 Per Year
Deposit of £360 + 9 monthly instalments of £120 + Vat
  • Training advice
  • Risk Assessment support
  • Keep you up to date with changes within H&S Law
  • Talk to the HSE/local authorities on your behalf
  • Fire emergency procedure guidance
  • Accident Investigations support
  • RIDDOR Reporting
  • Questionnaire support (CHAS, SMAS etc)
  • Arrange mandatory and needed training
  • 24-hour telephone help line
  • Accident/incident site visits

Contact us

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