CITB Short Qualification Grants

Grant Increases from 1st April 2023!!!

CITB provide grants for the successful completion of approved short qualifications that take less than one year and focus on core construction skills essential across the industry. The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) has announced its plan to transition all Industry Accreditation (IA) cardholders to recognised qualifications like Construction NVQs with grants for Level 2 & Level 3 Skilled NVQs available at £600.


To support construction workers in transitioning from an IA card to a qualification, CITB are providing grants on pretty much all construction NVQs, whilst also increasing the grant for specific Supervision NVQs to £1,250 and specific Management NVQs to £1,500 for achievements from 1 April 2023.



Training plays a pivotal role in the construction industry, fostering a skilled and competent workforce that ensures the success and sustainability of projects. Investing in qualifications brings numerous benefits to both workers and employers.


  1. Enhanced Skills and Competence: NVQs equip workers with specialised skills and up-to-date knowledge in their respective fields. This boosts their confidence and ability to carry out tasks effectively and safely.

  2. Improved Safety Standards: By encouraging workers to undertake training in health and safety, companies can create a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on construction sites.

  3. Increased Productivity: Skilled and knowledgeable workers are more efficient and productive, contributing to timely project completion and cost-effectiveness.

  4. Career Advancement: Earning recognised qualifications opens doors to better career opportunities and progression within the construction industry.

  5. Compliance and Quality: Adherence to recognised industry qualifications ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, leading to higher-quality construction work.

  6. Industry Reputation: Companies that invest in training and hold qualified workers gain a positive reputation, attracting clients and fostering trust within the construction sector.

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Who can apply?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. CITB Registered Employer: The employer must be a registered employer with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

  2. Up-to-Date with Levy Returns: You must be compliant with your Levy Returns to be eligible for the grant.

  3. General Grants Scheme Policy: You must fulfil the general Grants Scheme policy

  4. Specific Grant Requirements: In addition to the general policy, you must meet the specific requirements for the Short Qualification Grant.

  5. Directly Employed Staff: The grant can be applied for all directly employed staff on the employer’s payroll.

  6. Business Owners and Partners: Business owners and partners can also apply for the grant.

  7. Subcontractors: The grant is available for all subcontractors engaged by the employer.

How much can you apply for?

Grant rates have been raised for completions after April 1st 2023 for specific Supervision NVQs to £1,250 and specific Management NVQs to £1,500, as listed below:

You can also secure grants of £600 towards skilled qualification NVQs at Level 2 and Level 3. It’s also possible to use this grant in conjunction with the Skills & Training Fund to cover any other costs to fully fund your NVQ Qualifications. The Trades we cover in NVQs within this grant are:

How to apply?

To apply for the Short Qualification Grant, follow these steps:


  1. Ensure Eligibility: Check that you meet the eligibility criteria for the grant. You must be a CITB Registered employer and up-to-date with your Levy Returns. Additionally, make sure the specific short qualification you wish to apply for is covered under the grant scheme.

  2. Gather Necessary Documentation: Before applying, gather the required documentation, including the achievement certificate or achievement notification email from the awarding body. Your application cannot be processed without this evidence.

  3. Download the Application Form: Access the application form for the Short Qualification Grant from the CITB website. You can find and download the form in PDF format.

  4. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form with accurate and complete information. Provide details about the short qualification you achieved and the date of achievement. Include your contact details, as well as your CITB Registration details.

  5. Submit the Application: Save and email your completed application form, along with the required documentation, to

  6. Bulk Grant Application (Optional): If you wish to apply for multiple learners at once, you can download and complete the bulk grant application form available in Excel format.

  7. Verify Bank Details: Ensure that CITB has your current bank details to receive grant payments. If your bank details are not already on record, complete and submit the secure online BACS Direct Credit Authorisation Form.

  8. Contact CITB for Support: If you encounter any issues or need assistance with your application, you can reach out to your local CITB Adviser or contact the Customer Services team on 0344 994 4455.

Remember that the application for the Short Qualification Grant must be submitted within 52 weeks of the achievement date. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive the grant payment according to the applicable rate for your specific achievement.

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