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Level 3 NVQ Certificate in the Fabrication of Glass Supporting Structures



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It’s possible to fully fund this qualification, look at the options below

£600 Grant available from the CITB Short Qualification Grant. It’s also possible to use the CITB Skills & Training Fund to cover the remaining funding to fully fund Level 3 NVQ Certificate in the Fabrication of Glass Supporting Structures. Not sure how? Ask the team, we’ll talk you through it.

Funding opportunities via the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme are available for both service personnel and service leavers. Those with six years of service experience can receive up to £1,000 per claim instalment, while individuals with eight years of service experience may be eligible for up to £2,000 per claim instalment.

Next Steps

Before you start work on your qualification you will meet with your assessor to discuss what you need to do to complete your qualification. This can include:

  • checking you are taking the right qualification level
  • checking you have chosen suitable units
  • identifying any training or learning you will need to help you gain your qualification
  • agreeing an assessment plan
  • signing a learning contract

As part of this meeting, you will discuss the skills and knowledge you may already have, and decide how this can be used towards your qualification. This process is sometimes called a skill scan.

Once you have chosen your units you will make and agree an assessment plan with your assessor. This will show:

  • the units the plan covers
  • when you will be assessed
  • where the assessment will take place
  • what you will be doing
  • what evidence you will produce
  • who will assess you


The plan should also indicate the methods of assessment to be used to collect your evidence. Evidence can include:

  • direct observation in the workplace by a qualified assessor
  • witness testimony of work carried out by you in the workplace written by an expert witness
  • questioning – this could be verbal, written or computer based
  • other evidence which can include photographs or personal accounts

In the event of a cancellation or deferment, we provide fully transparent terms and conditions.

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Level 3 NVQ Certificate in the Fabrication of Glass Supporting Structures

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About this NVQ

Building upon the knowledge and skills acquired at Level 2, our Level 3 NVQ Certificate in the Fabrication of Glass Supporting Structures offers advanced assessment and specialisation opportunities for experienced glass fabricators and installers. Candidates will deepen their understanding of structural engineering principles, advanced fabrication techniques, and regulatory requirements related to glass support systems. With a focus on technical expertise, project management, and problem-solving, successful candidates will be well-equipped to take on leadership roles, oversee complex projects, and drive innovation in the field of architectural glass engineering.

How Completing This Course Will Help You:
Candidates Should Achieve all mandatory units, a minimum of 11 credits from group 1, a minimum of 8 credits from group 2 and a minimum of 2 credits from group 3.
  • Promote and maintain health and safety in a glass or glass related working environment (4)
  • Communicating and working with others in the glass and related working environments (3)
  • Improve the work of the organisation through the use of resources, communication and working relationships in a glass or glass related working environment (5)
  • Prepare equipment/machinery/tools for the fabrication of glass supporting systems (3)
  • Apply coatings or treatments to products and materials used in the fabrication of glass supporting systems (4)
  • Process materials for fabricating glass supporting systems (3)
  • Fabricate glass framing/supporting systems by joining (4)
  • Fabricate glass supporting systems by assembly (4)
  • Set up equipment for operations in the fabrication of glass supporting systems (4)
  • Monitor and control operations in a glass or glass related working environment (5)
  • Identify and rectify technical problems in a glass or glass related working environment (5)
  • Develop new work procedures in a glass or glass related working environment (5)
  • Ensure resources are available to meet work requirements in a glass or glass related working environment (3)
  • Check the quality of products used in the fabrication of glass supporting systems (2)
  • Assess the quality of materials/components in a glass or glass related working environment (4)
Methods of Assessment

The method of assessment is a one-step journey:

Completing an NVQ doesn’t require you to take traditional exams. Instead, assessment is based around your competency in fulfilling your job role duties to meet occupational standards. Assessors will evaluate you based on the contents of your portfolio. It’s essential to maintain this portfolio with evidence showcasing the tasks, duties, and accomplishments you’ve accomplished in work.

How do I apply for a GQA Gold Skilled Worker card?

Not sure when your card expires? You can either download the CSCS Smart Check app on App Store or Google Play to check any construction industry card displaying the CSCS logo, or you can use the online card checker.

If you haven’t completed one already, take a look at our Glass, Glazing & Fenestration NVQs or talk to the team for guidance on what is available.

If you aren’t sure which HS&E test is relevant to your occupation, use the Card Finder to find the relevant route.

The quickest and most convenient way to apply for your GQA Gold Skilled card is via the GQA Application Service.

The Q-Card can also be requested by completing an application form which can be obtained by email on or by calling 01142-720033.

Application forms will be checked, processed and if all is correct, a card will be issued, normally within 7 working days. All GQA CSCS Q-Cards cost £30.

CITB Internet Test Centre (ITC)

An Internet Test Centre (ITC) is a centre approved by CITB to provide testing facilities for tests such as the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test and Managers and Professionals (MaPs) test as well as many more.

Completing the HSE tests is a step towards your CSCS card, you will also need your individual course or qualifications depending on which card you want, for example the Green Labourers CSCS card you will have to have completed a Level 1 H&S or CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course and a CITB HS&E Operatives Test to apply for your Green Labourers CSCS card.

View the different coloured cards to view which qualifications and CITB Tests you require or head over to the CSCS Card Finder for a more detailed search.

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