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IOSH Leading Safely, Derby, Derbyshire

Responsible leaders recognise the importance of health and safety, and in this IOSH Leading Safely course you can learn its true value in just five hours.

IOSH Leading Safely covers precisely what you need to know to improve productivity, increase profits, enhance corporate reputation, and strengthen your brand. Leading from the front with enhanced health and safety practices has the potential to be one of the best investments you make.

Businesses are already realising the benefits from our IOSH Leading Safely course delivered from our site in Derby and nationwide, using workable solutions and creating inclusive and well-managed organisational cultures with faster pay-back. Led from the top and incorporated into management systems, better health and safety practice can be a genuine investment for your organisation.

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IOSH Leading Safely course dates in Derby

  • Jan

    IOSH Leading Safely

    Stoke 1 day, 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
    IOSH Leading Safely is a course for top people with an eye on valuable business benefits. Safety and health is not just a legal requirement, its integral in many of today’s successful companies. It brings huge benefits for reputation, productivity and results.
    • £225.00 excl. VAT

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Who should do this course

IOSH Leading Safely is aimed at people with leadership responsibilities, such as senior managers, directors, heads of departments, board members, business owners and chief executives – wherever they are in the world.


How someone is measured

Learners use the diagnostic tool, accessed via a mobile app, to identify their current safety and health position against a set of critical questions. The tool recommends the actions they should take. At the end of the course they make a commitment to a personal action plan to improve their own and their organisations’ safety and health management.


How long the course takes

The classroom course is held over about 5 hours

What’s covered in IOSH Leading Safely


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1. Models of safety

The first module is centred on IOSH’s newly-developed ‘models of safety’. The models outline the various approaches to safety and health that organisations have adopted, including reactive, compliant, active and fully integrated. The models draw on existing maturity matrices and approaches, and experiences from organisations around the world. The models provide an invaluable insight for decision-makers and organisations looking to benchmark their current performance, consider where they want their organisation to be and to identify actions that will need to be implemented to help them achieve their stated ambition. The module is split into four areas:

  1. Leadership characteristics
  2. A broader approach to safety and health
  3. Benchmarking current performance
  4. Improving performance

2. Practical

The second module enables learner to test the knowledge they have gained against a case study. The case study is centred on a theoretical global organisation that operates in a number of locations and which has just experienced a number of safety and health incidents. Learners will be invited to engage in a boardroom scenario where they will have an opportunity to understand why these incidents happened; what the implications were; and how they can ensure, from a leadership perspective, that they will never happen again.

Who is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health and is a respected institution. It is the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world. The organisation is dedicated and committed to creating a world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable.

How can I study the IOSH Leading Safely course?

We recognise that everyone is different, which is why we offer a choice of study routes. We can deliver the course in your workplace, you can visit one of our training centres, you can complete the course online or via a blended approach of online and virtual live classes.

Why take this course?

As a leader, you must understand the importance of health & safety. Learners who attend this course will leave with a clearer understanding of just that.  The knowledge gained will help to prevent health & safety incidences and therefore improve your businesses productivity, finances and the morale of your team.

By learning how to protect your employees, you are reducing absences due to injury and sickness. By reducing employee absence, business continuity and productivity will not be affected by covering absent roles, and you won’t need to to spend vital time and money looking for replacement employees.

A reduction in health & safety incidents also looks great for your business externally, who doesn’t want to have a reputation as a safe business who looks after their employees?

To ensure that you get exactly what you need from the one-day of training, the tutor specifically tailors the content to those attending. The tailored content will give you that transferable value that many other courses won’t.

By training with other learners, you will also be able to compare your processes to other companies. This will give you an idea of what you need to improve on, or what you are doing well. You can also learn from how other companies conduct their health and safety practices and transfer them into your business.

Frequently asked questions

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