Manual Handling Training

Everyone has some experience with manual handling. It could be that you were first taught how to lift a box properly by your dad when you helped a family member move house in a decade gone by, or perhaps you were first made aware as a ‘Saturday kid’ at your first job. In the years since, it could be the case that you have worked minimum wage jobs where posters lined the walls, but you never really paid attention, since you had already been taught and it seems so natural. But as the years press on, the need to protect your body with the proper procedures becomes more pertinent and if you manage a business, staying within health and safety guidelines is non-negotiable. Manual handling awareness in Stoke (or wherever your business is based) in the form of our ‘train the trainer’ course will protect your employees as your appointed trainer learns how to control risk and properly instruct staff on all things manual handling based.

Our ‘train the trainer’ course for manual handling is comprehensive and invaluable if you are based in an industry where a lot of manual handling needs to take place in order to achieve your daily business outcomes. By having an appointed trainer in place, you can ensure no absences are created that are a result of injury due to improper manual handling techniques, plus heavy loads can be effectively manoeuvred, which saves time and streamlines work efficiency.

Since you will have an appointed trainer in place with our manual handling awareness in Stoke with our ‘train the trainer’ programme, you can stay within budget as you don’t need to arrange for an external trainer to reiterate how to use safe systems. By safe systems, this can mean using mechanical aids, via team lifting and pushing/pulling techniques.


If you have any more questions about our ‘train the trainer’ programme for manual handling awareness in Stoke, contact our team today on tel:+44 03301242165 or fill out the online enquiry form.



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