Which CSCS Card Do I Need?

Whether you are a skilled construction worker or simply require access to a construction site, a CSCS card provides essential proof that you have the training and qualifications for the job. Reflecting the skill level and occupation of each individual, there are a number of different Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards available to qualify for. Although having a CSCS card is not technically a legal requirement, the vast majority of employers require everyone working on site to hold the valid and relevant card for their role. If you are unsure which CSCS card you need to gain access to sites, read our helpful guide here.

Trainee & Skilled Worker CSCS Cards

Specifically aimed at individuals carrying out labouring duties, the basic green CSCS card is for is for entry-level workers on a construction site. For those registered on a recognised construction apprenticeship, the red CSCS apprentice card is issued free of charge. The temporary red experienced worker CSCS card is available for workers with on the job experience, who are registered to complete an approved construction related NVQ. If you have completed an apprenticeship, or achieved an equivalent construction related NVQ (at level 2 or 3), the blue and gold skilled worker CSCS cards are available upon passing of the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

Supervisory & Managerial CSCS Cards

For those with elevated responsibilities on site, there are a number of supervisory CSCS cards that can be obtained, depending on your qualifications. The gold supervisory CSCS card is available for individuals within supervisor and technical roles, where an industry-approved construction related supervisory qualification has been obtained. Additionally, the black CSCS manager card is designed for managerial individuals who have obtained an approved construction related managerial qualification. For those with construction related degrees, including HNDs, HNCs, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas, the AQP card is available.

To obtain any of these supervisory CSCS cards, a HS&E test for managers and professionals should be completed.

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