Why Health & Safety Matters in Management

Standing for Supervision Safety Training Scheme, sssts Staffordshire is aimed at people working towards a management position or those already in a supervisory role.

Paying Attention Pays Off

There is a widely held, quietly preserved notion that anybody can become a manager. Like motherhood, it is commonly seen as a ‘natural’ progression of journeying into adulthood: when you have learned a number of lessons you are then able to teach others what you know. While the foundations of the idea make sense in that you have the base qualifications, supervisory roles should not be left to chance. Particularly when you work in an industry that involves a lot of personal risk, such as construction, and civil engineering industries. 

Reputation Management

The importance of health and safety control measures mixing with sustained communication between management and staff are central themes of our sssts Staffordshire course for a reason. When you learn to recognise the need for risk assessments in light of all relevant and up-to-date health & safety legislation at the start of your management journey, you will retain the practice in all future positions. It also protects your reputation and that of the company you are working for, along with saving thousands that might otherwise be spent replacing equipment or covering staff absence.

Minimise Accidents & Absences

While the construction industry in particular carries a lot of personal risk, health and safety measures have been slowly introduced and refined across the years for a reason. Ultimately, you should be seeking to minimise the risk of accidents and damage to equipment actively. The sssts Staffordshire course helps you to take pragmatic steps and establish the kind of supervisor or manager valued so highly by those higher up in the industry.


If you have any more questions about our sssts Staffordshire programme, please contact our team today on tel:+44 03301242165 or fill out the online enquiry form.



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