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Our level one Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) course in Stafford and Stoke is designed to develop the understanding of potential hazards to those working in construction. This course provides several business and learner benefits, including being an ideal step for those looking to earn their industry site card, and is endorsed by Build UK as standard training for all operatives.

Learning outcomes include an understanding of health and safety laws, how to report unsafe activity, and the importance of a risk assessment and method statement. Learners will also have a comprehension of how their role fits into the control and management of a site, as well as how to perform safely and ask for advice.

This HSA course, delivered to those in Stafford and the surrounding areas, are comprised of 5 units. Learners will be taken through each of these modules with the appropriate care an attention given to ensure the best possible understanding of the material and their importance. We don’t cut corners at Acadame, continually driving efficient and comprehensive results that match the standards we hold ourselves to.

What is CITB?

CITB refers to the Construction Industry Training Board. It is their job to aid the construction industry in attracting talent, as well as to support skills development in Britain. This HSA course is one of many CITB courses that we at Acadame, as training partners, regularly deliver from our HQ and teaching venues around the UK.

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You may browse and book all our upcoming CITB courses online. If you have any questions about our HAS course in Stafford, that haven’t been answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us today via hello@acadame.co.uk or 03301242165.



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