Lead by Example with IOSH in Derby

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health; it is also the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world. The solution to preventing the above statistics from becoming a reality at your workplace is to lead from the top, armed with up-to-date knowledge, a diagnostic review of current procedures and a personal action plan. Acadame courses for iosh in Derby are designed to be customised for the attendees at your workplace to benefit from in accordance with their current level of understanding. Moreover, they are designed to be fun!

Work-Related Illness Statistics

Statistics show that between 2019-2020, the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions totalled to £18.8 billion, according to the Health and Safety reports on the gov.uk website. Figures for 2021-2022 are just as staggering, showing that 477,000 workers are suffering from a work-related musculoskeletal disorder and 914,000 workers are impacted by work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. Absences are often linked to management styles, so leading by example and empathising with your employees are two sure-fire ways to circumnavigate this from becoming an issue at your workplace.

Time-Efficient Course for IOSH in Derby

We don’t believe it takes a long time to assimilate this information because we’ve designed a course that is engaging and comprehensive, helping you to improve productivity, enhance your company’s reputation, increase profits, and bolster your brand. You are the leader at your workplace – you set the tone for how other people act. Learn the true value of health and safety in just 5 hours with Acadame’s Derby iosh course.

Book Your Place

If you would like to find out more about our courses for iosh in Derby, or wherever you are based, our team are always willing to help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Academe by calling 0330 1242165 or emailing hello@acadame.co.uk. Plus, our upcoming courses can all be viewed and easily booked online today.



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