First Aid Refreshers are Important

Most people started their working life in a retail, food or hospitality environment where they worked as a ‘Saturday girl/boy’ as part of a team. This is likely where first aid training was first encountered, with the green and white first aid kits making up a familiar part of most people’s memory banks. If you haven’t brushed up on first aid training in a while however, you might not remember anything because you haven’t had to use it. The courses for first aid at work in Stafford range between 1-3 days and cover all you need to know in the form of essential information delivered memorably.

That’s our core mission at Acadame: to deliver important health and safety information in fun and memorable ways to all course attendees. First aid is a hands-on topic at its core, but with our trained team of experts, it becomes even more interactive and easy to learn. This is a crucial requirement most people have from a course, irrespective of their level of interest.

Far from pertaining to the responsibilities of a Saturday job, our first aid at work course will teach you how to effectively manage an unresponsive casualty, admit CPR, deal with fractures, choking, heart attacks and more unfortunate scenarios it pays to be prepared for. Nobody likes to imagine an injury can happen on their watch but accidents are unforeseen, so it is essential all staff are fully trained with up-to-date first aid information.

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If you would like to find out more about our courses covering first aid at work in Stafford, our team are always willing to help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Academe by calling 0330 1242165 or emailing Plus, our upcoming courses can all be viewed and easily booked online today.



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